Ralph Lauren Photoshop of Horrors

Rachel Maddow-Photoshop of horrors

Not only is it amazingly irresponsible for Ralph Lauren to create such a severely disfigured image of a woman’s body in order to sell more jeans, but laughable that this is what passes for attractive these days in the fashion world.

You would think that instead of spending a bunch of money trying to defend themselves with legal scare tactics when popular websites like www.psdisasters.com point how ridiculous this image is, that they would instead realize their mistake and hire a better art director – maybe someone that understands the human body.

I disagree somewhat tho with Rachel Maddow when she points to free speech as being the more serious issue here – the significant impact these altered images can have on young people who assume that the images are real – or even assume that it’s possible to look like this – is also a serious problem in our culture. It’s hard to believe that anyone would want to look like this particular image as it extremely warped, however, in a world where fashion companies have a lot of power to influence what people call attractive, it is scary to think that this is the type of aesthetic they are pushing. It used to be the case that the fashion industry celebrated and promoted a body type that that only 5% of the population could ever achieve – now they are promoting a body shape that absolutely no human could ever achieve, not even the model in the photo – Filippa Hamilton.

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