Supermodel is upset for being photoshopped naked

The model Coca Rocha is angry that the magazine Elle Brazil photoshopped out the bodysuit she was wearing under a sheer dress before putting her on the cover. I get that she doesn’t want people to think she was posing almost nude…as she has a strict policy against it. However, this raises some interesting questions. One could argue that the body in the photograph is not actually her body anymore. Her body was just a building block and general guideline, similar to films that use computer generated images (CGI). Her nudity has been computer generated but so has the rest of her body. So is it even her nudity that we are seeing? If even 50% of it is altered, is it actually even her anymore? Does she therefore have any rights to the image? I wonder what she thinks about all the other digital changes they make to her image on a regular basis? What do you think?

read the story here here


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