Ashely Judd fights back against the beauty police

Ashley Judd calls out her “puffy face” critics and calls on everyone to start a new conversation that examines the insidious nature of patriarchy and how women are often the ones denigrating and abusing other women. Read Ashley’s letter in full here.

UK bans misleading and exaggerated photo of Julia Roberts

The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK has started to ban ads that contain overly airbrushed images. A L’Oreal ad featuring Julia Roberts was one of the ones that got the axe as the advertisers couldn’t prove that the ad hadn’t been airbrushed. Go here for the complete story. Here is a picture of the […]

Israel passes photoshop law

Israel is attempting to limit advertisers from using photoshop to present unnaturally thin images. Not only would ads be banned from using models who are unhealthy, but they will have to put a disclaimer on any image that has been altered. Go here for the full story.

Here some examples of what supermodels look like […]

Fotoshop – a revolutionary beauty product

This parody of fashion advertising also serves as a great tutorial for all the ways in which photoshop is used to create unrealistic images….funny and brilliant.


CoverGirl withdraws Taylor Swift Ad for being too enhanced

The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus ruled that a CoverGirl ad featuring Taylor Swift was misleading because they digitally enhanced her lashes in post production. CoverGirl had since withdrawn the ad, but did not apologize. Although this is a step in the right direction, the ad was only objectionable because […]

The Photoshop Effect

Celebrities Before & After Photoshop


Ralph Lauren Photoshop of Horrors

Rachel Maddow-Photoshop of horrors

Not only is it amazingly irresponsible for Ralph Lauren to create such a severely disfigured image of a woman’s body in order to sell more jeans, but laughable that this is what passes for attractive these days in the fashion world.

You would think that instead of spending a […]